100PCS Yellow Fishing Space Bean Fishing Pin Accessory Tackle


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Item Specifics:
Product name:fishing space bean
Material:cooked glue

there are 3 sizes for choice according to your line size.
Fishing line size,test LB and diameter suit for which size of space bean?As show below

NO. Line Size Test LB Diameter(mm)
S 1# 2# 3# 18-37LB 0.16-0.28
M 2.5#-5# 31-47LB 0.25-0.37
L 4#-7# 42-80LB 0.32-0.5

The space bean is appplying in fixing fishing float seat and lead sheaten seat
Strengthen the connection between fish line and fish rod to avoid line injury
Pretty flexible and special cooked glue makes the beans stubborn for long-term use

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